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UCH Spring Exhibition

This spring, online arts publishing platform Gitoon and University College Hospital in London are teaming up to bring a new concept to the arts exhibition space. Gitoon's aim is to take the traditional gallery concept and translate it to the internet. On the platform, artists submit works which are then reviewed anonymously by Curators. This means that only the best works of art are shown, and provides a space for artists to promote their works and to receive feedback from professionals in the field. The Spring Exhibition follows the same theme. Rather than works being reviewed solely by the gallery managers, the artists themselves decide on the pieces that will be shown. Each artist who submitted work to be shown at the exhibition was then asked to vote on at least five pieces that had been submitted by other artists. In this way the exhibition grew as an organic process, with a lot of different perspectives coming together to decide the final show pieces. The exhibition will be run at UCH (235 Euston Road, Fitzrovia, London NW1 2BU) from the 16th April – 3rd June 2015. A private view will be held on the evening of the 16th of April; if you would like to come along to this.

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