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 RAW:natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists.

Raw Camden was a one night show hosted by Proud stables, showcasing a selection of art over different disciplines. From fashion, music, and visual art and much more. 

RAW was initially based in America with regular shows touring the country and this was the 2nd show to ever feature in Europe.  It is designed to showcase our RAW artists online. hosts a plethora of online profiles -- exclusive to our hand-picked RAW artists. is open to the public to view, however, the site profiles and perks are reserved for only selected RAW artists. RAW artists can connect with other RAW artists, post videos and music, promote upcoming projects, and track their success. We also host what we call our RAWk Wall, where art gets down to business. This portion of the site consists of exclusive art-to-business opportunities for our RAW artists to partake in.

RAW Camden: Projects

My name is China and I'm a RAW artist

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